The Pillar of Death

The Pillar of death



Swoosh! Bang! I barely missed the bomb that came from the pillar of death. Wy am I Robin here again oh right it begins at home, Beep! Beep! Beep! Bang! I punched my stupid alarm clock that I got at Hawaii in a stupid yard sale, I told my mum that I would suck. I get up with black bags under my fragile eyes. I get my cloths on and Bang! Something fell, so I started to walk down the coloured stairs and it was my cat Moxxy. Swoosh! Something came at me I look up and see a dragon I was scared at first then I was still scared, then the dragon said don’t be scared and he also said travel to the pillar of death and despair.



Zoom! I appear at this pillar out of nowhere the dragon appears and says “Are you ready to protect your world from destruction because you don’t have a choice” I said sure. The pillar magically activates and bombs start appearing. Swoosh! Bang! I barely missed the bomb oh wait I’m back to the start already, Bang! Another bomb appears so I kick it at the pillar and boom!!! A big explosion erupts from the tower, the dragon said “good work earth hero you are ready to save earth from every threat known to dragon” The pillar was just bits now thanks to me Robin the saver of earth.

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